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Herunder ses diverse Hummel Goebel figurer som er solgt.

Hummel Goebel figurer. Udvalg varierer

Hummel Goebel figurer, eksempler. Udvalg varierer.

Production of Hummel Figurines stopped

Goebel Germany stopped production of Hummel figurines October 2008.
Maybe the rights to make the figurines will go to another manufacturer, maybe they will be produced in Asia in the future.

Figurerne herunder er solgt * items under are sold

Hummel Goebel Deutschland sold

141 Hummel Goebel

1606 Friedel sold

97 Hummel Goebel

Goebel´hummel figurine.JPG (80741 byte) Goebel  boy figurine sold

18 Der geburtstag Kuchen

hummel goebel figuren.JPG (208558 byte) Hummel Goebel Deutschland sold

185 Hummel Goebel


Hummel Goebel W. Germany #217 sold

57 Hummel Goebel

M J Hummel 580.JPG (106351 byte) sold Hummel Figuren Hummel W. Goebel Western Germany.JPG (216796 byte) Hummel Goebel Figuren Deutschland sold Goebel figurine.JPG (211027 byte) Hummel Goebel Figuren Deutschland sold Hummel Goebel Figuren #141
174 Hummel Goebel Figuren W. Germany 217 Hummel Goebel Figuren W. Germany 94 Hummel Goebel Hummel Goebel Figuren W. Germany 7 Hummel Goebel 69 Hummel Goebel Friedel Bavaria Germany
Goebel Hummel
Hummel Goebel platte.JPG (137293 byte) Hummel Goebel Wand Tellern
196 Hummel Goebel sold 322 sold 184 Hummel Goebel 384 Hummel Goebel 47 Hummel Goebel 15 Hummel Goebel 317 Hummel Goebel 67 Hummel Goebel 119 Hummel Goebel

The Goebel Company opened its doors over a century ago in 1871 at the foot of the Coburg Castle in Oeslau. Then known simply as F&W Goebel, after its co-founders Franz Detleff and William Goebel, the first items produced were slates, slate pencils and marbles. Soon, as a result of dynamic management and progressive thinking, Goebel expanded its production first to include porcelain coffee services, milk pitchers and eggcups and later porcelain figurines. It was the addition of these figurines, which helped the company to gain international recognition.

After the deaths of Franz and William, the company was to be led by the creative minds of Max Louis and later Franz Goebel. It was Franz' visionary thinking coupled with the charming designs of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, that gave birth to the world famous collection of "M.I. Hummel" figurines in 1935. Since then several artists, including Walt Disney, Hans Welling, Hans Schaubach and Kathe Kruse have added their talent and style to Goebel's distinctive line of collectibles.

Today, the company's offerings include not only a vast array of fine, handcrafted sculptures and figurines, but gifts, tabletop, and home décor. With a heritage of success behind it, Goebel continues to maintain its status as a distinguished name in the field of collectibles, gifts and home décor.
The Official M.I.Hummel web site

M.I. Hummel products are the result of a successful partnership between W.Goebel Porzellanfabrik and a talented German artist, Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel. Her images of youthful innocence have been transformed by the Master Artists of Goebel into original M.I. Hummel works of art.

Berta Hummel was born in Bavaria in 1909 with a wonderful gift -- an instinct for observing her world and translating her observations into drawings, especially of children. In 1927, Berta enrolled in Munich's famed Academy of Applied Arts. There her talent matured and survived rigid training with its spontaneity intact.

Religion had always been important to Berta. She befriended two Franciscan Sisters from a teaching order that emphasized the arts. Berta decided to enter the Convent of Siessen upon graduation in 1931, and three years later, took the name Maria Innocentia.

The young Sister found herself in a setting that encouraged her talents. Soon, small German publishers began printing some of her artwork in the form of postcards. These charming cards came to the attention of Franz Goebel, the head of a porcelain company bearing his name. He was in search of a subject for a new line of figurines. And here it was!

Franz Goebel proposed to Sister Hummel the idea of transforming her drawings into figurines. An agreement was reached with the Convent granting Goebel the sole right to create three-dimensional works of art based on Sister Hummel's drawings.

The artist worked personally with Goebel Master Sculptors and Painters to create the new products. The first figurines were introduced in 1935 and were immediately successful.

Sister Hummel died in 1946 at only 37 years of age. But her artistic legacy was carried on by Goebel. Even today, Goebel artists discuss each new M.I. Hummel work of art with an Artistic Board at the Convent of Siessen. Standards of craftsmanship established more than six decades ago have been strictly preserved. And M.I.Hummel figurines continue to charm the world.