Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory Marks

The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory was established May 1, 1775. From the beginning, each porcelain item was marked with three waves symbolising Denmark’s three straits: the Sound and the Great and Little Belts.

For almost 100 years after the establishment of the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory in 1775, the three waves were painted by hand. But in around 1870, the company began stamping the mark under the glaze – a tradition that lives on today.

The mark of the three waves has changed over time making it possible to date any piece of Royal Copenhagen Porcelain. Some of the factory marks are shown above. These have been used on porcelain with a blue underglaze decoration, namely the Christmas Plates, figurines and blue porcelain dinner services – all of which are essential not only to the company’s product line, but also to the beauty and elegance of any home.

This mark started in 1923. Until 1934 there was no dot on it.

  • Dating porcelain made since 1935: Most porcelain made since 1935 can be dated by locating green dots placed above or below the letters in the company name, which is stamped on all pieces. 
  • On porcelain made in the year 1935, the dot is placed just above the first letter in the company name – “R”. Each year thereafter, the dot is moved one letter to the right, such that on porcelain made in the year 1936, the dot is placed above the “O”, and so on. 
  • By 1949, the dot has reached the last letter, and so in 1950, the dot once again appears next to the first letter in the company name, only now it is placed below.
  • From 1985-1991 you find 2 dot above "R" and "O" 
  • From 1992-1999 you find 2 dot above "R" and "Y" 
  • From 2000-2005 you find 2 dot above "R" and "A" 
  • From 2006- there is dot above "R" and "L"                              (please note it's not correct on the right drawing abowe)

Bing & grondahl founded 1853 closed 1984  * * * Today it's a part of Royal Copenhagen

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